LePage, the last Republican

Can you imagine George W. Bush having an agenda item, like securing the border, and then saying, "I will veto all bills that come across my desk until the border fence is fully funded," and then carrying through on his promise?  Can you imagine Mitt Romney doing that, or John McCain, or Jeb Bush?

If you can't, meet Maine governor Paul LePage.  He has all the worst qualities that the media finds in a Republican – combative, ideological, pugnacious.  Why, the very first sentence of the New York Times article introduces him as "Paul R. LePage, Maine’s combative governor"!

The problems began with Mr. LePage’s desire to eliminate the income tax by increasing and broadening the sales tax.

The problem began with...reducing taxes is always a "problem."  Ever see a sentence written, "The problems began when ____ wanted to increase spending"?

Mr. LePage also has refused to release money for bond issues approved by voters. And he declared that he would veto every bill sponsored by a Democrat until Democrats supported his proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate Maine’s income tax. 

In mid-June, after the Legislature passed a budget that did not include his tax-cut proposals, the governor showed off a Christmas tree outside his office. It was adorned with the pictures of legislators he said had loaded up the budget with wasteful spending projects, often called pork.

And he extended his veto threat to include any bill sponsored by Republicans, saying they had conspired with Democrats to pass the budget.

On Monday, Mr. LePage is expected to veto the $6.7 billion, two-year state budget; the Legislature is returning Tuesday, when it is expected to override the veto.

Amazing!  Isn't LePage afraid that he will be held responsible for the state government shutting down?  Isn't he concerned that he won't be seen as bipartisan, won't be seen as someone who can get business done in the State Capitol?  How can he be totally unafraid of these things, when national Republicans fear them mightily?

Lawmakers say they are exhausted and frustrated.

Poor big-spending Democrats (and Republicans)!  For the very first time in their political lives, someone is confronting them about their big tax-and-spend policies!  If I ruled like a dictator over the people, confiscating their money and spending as I liked, and someone tried to stop me, I'd be exhausted and frustrated, too!

“When you’re sitting there poking the yes button every 15 seconds to override 128 vetoes, it’s hard to feel like you’re contributing a lot to moving the state forward,” said State Senator Roger J. Katz, a Republican who has been an occasional LePage ally, but more often a critic. “The atmosphere here is one of depression,” he said.

The big-government Republicans are depressed.  Do you think cognitive-behavioral capitalism therapy would help?  If they were trained to react positively to the free market, and individual freedom and liberty, do you think that would elevate their moods?

In the end, the Democrats and corporatist Republicans will prevail, as they almost always do.  But still, isn't it refreshing to see one politician with the right principles, and the determination to stick to his beliefs, where his beliefs support freedom and liberty?

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