It's the Obama record that O'Malley and Sanders are bashing

Governor O'Malley made it official.  He is in and running for us, as he told the crowd:

Our economic and political system is upside down and backward and it is time to turn it around[.]

Senator Sanders said something similar a few days ago.

Who's been in the White House for seven years?  Whose stimulus didn't stimulate?  Whose "shovel ready" jobs weren't ready after all?  Who promised so much and didn't deliver?

Friday's economic report was not good news at all, according to the Washington Post:

Remove the trade deficit, and the U.S. GDP grew 1.2 percent in the first quarter. Not since 1985 has trade so heavily dragged down growth. In the first quarters, businesses also pulled back on inventories, further cutting into growth.

Still, perhaps the biggest surprise of the past six months has been the muted pickup in consumer spending, which accounts for about two-thirds of the economy. Personal consumption grew 1.8 percent in the first quarter, but that’s well off the pace from the second half of 2014. Consumers, instead, have taken the money saved at the gasoline pump and used it to pay back debt or rebuild savings, according to government and credit card data.

My guess is that Sanders and O'Malley will tell us just how bad the U.S. economy is and how the middle class is not doing well.  They will say that health care costs are high and that Americans cannot afford the deductibles.   

They may say that free trade agreements are bad for American workers.

They will conveniently skip over the fact that all of this has happened on Obama's watch.  

Or that all of those high deductibles are a consequence of Obamacare.   

And finally, I hope that they remind their voters that President Obama is pushing the Pacific free trade agreement that will devastate the nation's workers. 

Of course, maybe they're afraid of criticizing President Obama because they need a large black turnout in 2016.

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