Hillary losing her inevitability

R. Emmet Tyrrell of The American Spectator joins me in exposing the growing sense among Democrats that Hillary’s a loser.  In fact, he goes so far as to write:

Hillary is going to have a very tough time winning her party’s nomination.

“Really?” you might ask.  So Bernie Sanders is going to take her down?

Well, probably not, but he is going to open the gates for others to come rushing in, as soon as Hillary’s mortal wounds are exposed:

Bernie Sanders, he being the candidate from the Occupiers’ Movement, came surprisingly close to beating Hillary in a straw poll of Democratic Party leaders in Wisconsin. Even without the help of street demonstrations and public lewdness, he snagged 41 percent of the vote to Hillary’s 49 percent. As I noted last month, Bernie is the Gene McCarthy of 2016. A combination of Bernie’s attacks on her and the drip-drip of revelations about the Clintons’ scandal-plagued past will leave Hillary bloodied and discombobulated as she approaches the New Hampshire primary. Whether Bernie loses to her in New Hampshire as McCarthy lost to President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 or he wins—a not implausible outcome—by the New Hampshire primary the Democratic Party will come alive with likely challengers to the Republicans. Either former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg or Governor Jerry Brown could give the Republicans a tough race, and there may be more Democratic aspirants by then: good old Joe Biden and the multi-faced secretary of state John Kerry. Surely the Democratic Party can do better than to field a presidential nominee who trails behind her a 25-year record of scandal. Trust me, the Democratic Party is coming alive.

I am not sure Jerry Brown and “coming alive” belong in the same paragraph.  And to be true to the record, Rosslyn Smith may have been the first to note, on these pages almost two months ago, that Gene McCarthy may be the model for the decline and fall of Hillary.

Still, Tyrrell brings his wit and keen eye to the spectacle of Hillary flailing as the media lickspittles avert their gaze:

Actually, the Democratic Party bigwigs and their amanuenses in the mainstream media have been growing apprehensive over Hillary’s candidacy for weeks and her tedious speech over the weekend to a so-so crowd did not relieve their apprehensions. Frankly, as she recited her endless list of often-contradictory promises to a heavily middle-class crowd of mostly white people I was reminded of the Democrats’ taunts of Republicans at similar events. “Too white, too white”—Republican audiences are always “too white.” Yet such Republican events are usually taking place in the Midwest or the South. Hillary was in New York City. Could she not have asked the Rev. Al Charlatan to gather up some of his nearby parishioners?

A great question at the end: where is the crucial black political machine for the Democratic Party’s wannabe queen? Hillary is banking on black turnout rescuing her as it did Obama in 2012.  Yet there was a conspicuous lack of effort to turn out a respectable contingent of black faces at her re-launch.

I have to think that some palms are waiting to be crossed with silver.  But even if the lucre flows, ginning up enthusiasm and peer pressure to turn out black voters for a rich white woman is going to be a challenge even for the most experienced of black pols.