Hillary embarrassing herself with Roosevelt Island 're-launch' tomorrow

Hillary Clinton's campaign comprises a bunch of clueless dolts, who don't understand symbolism at all.  The choices they have made for tomorrow's event intended to bolster a flailing effort are only digging her hole deeper.

It will be far, far more difficult to attend Hillary Clinton’s campaign “re-launch” tomorrow than to vote for her, if she gets her way on voting.  Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard highlights an e-mail sent out by Hillary for America:

There will be airport style security. Items that will NOT BE permitted include food, liquids other than water, large bags, large purses, backpacks, strollers, umbrellas, noise makers, bullhorns, posters, signs, pets other than licensed service animals, sharp objects, or weapons.

When her personal safety is at issue, she demands advance registration and a ticket and photo ID.  But when the fate of the nation hangs in the balance with a presidential election, she wants people to be able to waltz into a polling station, claim to be someone, and vote with no questions asked and definitely no photo ID.  And she’d like weeks to be allowed to do so, in case you want to vote a hundred times using the names of deceased residents who haven’t been purged from the voters’ register.

But that’s just the beginning of the embarrassment.  The entire concept of a re-launch suggest that the campaign has been a failure.  I am most familiar with the concept of re-launch from television programs featuring celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay of Kitchen Nightmares and Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible, who go into failing eateries, clean up the kitchens, motivate the staff, redecorate the dining area, and teach the kitchen staff to cook new and more appealing items.  Despite all the aid and the re-launch, investigators claim that most of the restaurants end up failing.

Can we just call Hillary for America “Campaign Nightmares” or “Campaign Impossible”?

Then there is the matter of holding the re-launch on Roosevelt Island, the former home of a prison and a mental hospital.  In fact, it used to be called “Welfare Island.”  Could there possibly be a more apt history for Hillary to base her re-launch on?

Welfare Roosevelt Island has been turned into middle-class housing, which is accessible from Manhattan by a gondola.  I have friends who live there, whom I have visited at their apartment, so I don’t want to be too harsh.  But the place is more than a little creepy, starting with the Soviet-flavored concrete mid-rise apartment blocks.

It is, in fact, so creepy that the horror film Dark Water, starring Jennifer Connelly as the damsel in distress in a haunted apartment, is set on the island.

Failure is closing in on Hillary.