Good grief: Rachel Dolezal has been on about racist currency for a while

Before my recent AT post nominating Rachel Dolezal as the new face of the $10 bill (which Treasury intends to feminize in 2020), I hadn’t realized that this academic Henny-Penny had years before lectured us about how all the old white men on our shamelessly sexist currency have deranged our collective psyche and society. In her 2012 YouTube video, Professor Henny-Penny – 100% Caucasian – mimics Rastafarian dreadlocks (rather than the Angela-Davis dynamite blowout she presently parodies) while she smarmily sips white wine and rambles on “about something we carry in the palms of our hands on a daily basis, hopefully, that reminds us every single day of our lives who is in charge.  And that would be something green[.]” I suppose her “hopefully” means she hopes our palms are daily carrying “something green,” but even a professor of Henny-Pennyism at Eastern Washington University should know our palms’ carrying...(Read Full Post)