Doctor Ruth: You can't say 'no' after you get naked with a man

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, whom I call "Doctor Wooth," and who somehow still seems to be alive and talking about sex at the age of 86, has a controversial opinion about consent for sex:

According to the 86-year-old doctor during the interview, she said once two people are “aroused” and “in bed together,” the time for declining the sexual offer or changing one’s mind has passed:

..." I talk right now about woman and man, can be in bed together, Diane, and at one time, naked, and at one time, he or she — most of the time they think she can say, I changed my mind. No such thing is possible... I am 100% against rape. I do say to women if they don't want to have sex with a man, they should not be naked in bed w/him.

Westheimer tried to back up her posture by citing [what she claims is] ancient Jewish scripture:

“In the Talmud, in the Jewish tradition, it says when that part of the male anatomy is aroused and there’s an erection, the brain flies out of that and we have to take that very seriously.”

Of course, from a legal perspective, Dr. Ruth is incorrect; theoretically, a woman can say "no" at any time.  But her comment does raise a question from a practical perspective: why would a woman get naked with a guy if she didn't intend to have sex?  I think there is a presumption that if things get to that point, there is a reason for it, and that reason is sex.  Turn the question around: why would a woman get naked with a guy if she didn't intend to have sex?

Feminists don't like hearing such things, though.  Because non-forcible rape is so hard to prove, it is also so hard to disprove, which is why feminists claim that there is a rape epidemic on college campuses, and one woman who engaged in anal sex and decided eight months later she had been raped got so angry when police found no evidence to prosecute that she dragged her mattress with her to graduation.

I was amused by all the feminists upset by the supposed "rape" on Game of Thrones a few weeks ago.  In that episode, Sansa Stark agrees to marry her enemy, Ramsay Bolton, even though she hates him for killing her family, but she does it for political reasons.  So she voluntarily goes to his castle, voluntarily marries him, and voluntarily goes to his bedroom on their wedding night.  He orders her to take off her clothes, and he sleeps with her, but she looks unhappy about it.  That's what feminists are calling rape.

What Doctor Ruth said is controversial, and I am not saying I agree with it.  But I do believe that feminists make up a lot of things they call "rape" that really aren't.

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