Cosmo editor admits to 'liberal cheerleading'

One reason why the female vote supports Democrats far more than males is the serious bias among media directed at women.  It is rare that this is admitted, but the editor of Cosmopolitan just did so on Sunday.  Jeffrey Meyer of Newsbusters writes:

During a discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources about whether or not women's magazines were biased in favor of Hillary Clinton, Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles admitted that her magazine engages in “liberal cheerleading.”  Coles claimed that her magazine was “very interested in the issues around politics and how they impact our readers” which include “do they have access to contraception and God forbid should they need it, can they have access to an abortion.”

And God forbid anyone should mention all those females who are aborted and never get to grow up and buy copies of Cosmo., among many other things.  But I digress.  She continued:

... the liberal CNN host [Brian Stelter] allowed Coles to argue that her magazine just wants to “animate readers, go in and vote. You don't have the right to complain about D.C. if you're not exercising your right to vote.”  For his part, Stelter did read a quote from Politco’s Hadas Gold who observed that “readers will be getting a heavy dose of liberal cheerleading this campaign season along with their skin care and makeup and fashion tips.” 

Coles happily agreed that her magazine engaged in “liberal cheerleading” because “for the most part young women's interests are better supported by liberal/Democrat candidates” before she attempted to be objective by claiming “it’s too early in the process to say which candidate is best going to represent them.” 

Here’s the video:

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