Congratulations to Jesse Jackson, Jr.!

Former Democrat congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was reunited with his wife, Sandi, yesterday, as he was released from a halfway house in Baltimore, and returned to his Chicago home, to serve the remainder of his prison term on home confinement.  However, it will be a brief reunion, as Sandi is due to begin serving her own prison term in the fall, adding a bittersweet note to the end of Jesse Jr.’s confinement on September 20th.

Katherine Skiba of the Chicago Tribune notes the touching family reunion and reminds us:

Jackson entered prison Oct. 29, 2013, after he was convicted for misuse of about $750,000 in campaign funds. He spent the money on vacations, furs, celebrity memorabilia, everyday goods and two mounted elk heads. (snip)

Sandi Jackson, 51, has been ordered to spend one year in prison and may land in a federal facility in Marianna, Fla. She is to surrender voluntarily 30 days after Jackson is no longer under Bureau of Prisons supervision on Sept. 20.

The two children of the Jacksons, Jesse L. Jackson III and Jessica Donatella Jackson, will thus avoid the trauma of both parents being absent owing to confinement, something all of us can applaud.  May all members of the family learn from this experience.

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