Columbia U. Mattress Girl expresses rape outrage by making softcore porn

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz made a name for herself by showing up at her graduation with a mattress strapped on her back.  She claimed that her then boyfriend raped her during anal sex and the school didn't take action.  Sulkowicz doesn't talk about the fact, however, that she waited eight months before filing a police report, or that the police found insufficient grounds to prosecute.

But now that she's graduated, she is continuing the fight, by starring in softcore porn videos and uploading them to the web, which she apparently calls a work of art.

The eight-minute video features Sulkowicz and a man, his face blurred, engaging in what appears to be consensual sex that turns violent. The unidentified man open-palm slaps Sulkowicz, chokes her, removes the condom, then continues to have very rough sex with Sulkowicz, who whimpers and protests from pain.

I wonder what would happen if I went to the police station and I said, "I've been robbed!" and the police asked, "When did it happen?" and I said, "It was eight months ago."  What do you think the police's reaction would be?

It's the same situation here.  In situations where there aren't obvious signs of duress, it's almost impossible to know if rape has occurred.  Add to that an eight-month gap before complaining about it (!), and a rough sex video to "protest" it, and it falls clearly in the realm of The Onion.

From watching the media, you'd think college-age men were more of a threat than illegal aliens or "refugees" from Syria and Iraq.  It's all part of the feminist left's war on men.  The Democrats love to talk about the Republican "war on women," but you never see phony rape charges and phony rape statistics called out as a "war on men."

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