CNN legal analyst accidentally reveals worst-kept secret in American journalism

Michael Kinsley long ago defined a gaffe as accidentally telling the truth, and that’s exactly what Jonathan Toobin did Friday.  And in good Beltway fashion, he walked it back as quickly as possible, convincing absolutely nobody.

Brad Willmouth of the Media Research Center:

It was obvious on Friday that CNN reporters and analysts were giddily celebrating the Supreme Court's liberal ruling bolstering same-sex marriage, but CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was perhaps the only one who inadvertently admitted that "we celebrate" the trend toward gay rights victories before immediately catching his faux paux with laughter and walking it back to "many people celebrate" as he predicted the next target of the gay rights movement.

Ed Driscoll is spot-on writing on Instapundit that media neutrality is myth, originally propagated to protect the broadcast licenses of radio stations.  Prior to that, it was common for newspapers to be hyper-partisan.  Later, as newspapers devolved into monopolies, many also pretended to be politically nonpartisan, in roughly 90% of the cases masking their liberalism.  So, too, all three broadcast networks.

With the rise of the internet and cable television, maybe it is time to drop the pretense.  Of course, that would lay bare the overwhelming dominance of left-wing media outlets, which is why it won’t happen.