Barnard will admit men who think they are women but not women who think they are men

Barnard College, which is Columbia University's answer for women who want quality time with other women in a loving and supporting environment, has said that it will admit men who think they are women but will refuse to admit women who think they are men.

Barnard College has decided to admit transgender women, becoming the latest women's college to issue a new policy acknowledging the fluidity of gender.

The new policy, announced Thursday, says Barnard will consider applicants who consistently live and identify as women. That excludes transgender men -- those born female but identifying as male. The decision is an attempt to balance Barnard's identity as a women's college with what the school calls "an evolving understanding of gender identity."

Presumably if a woman is admitted who lies on her application and thinks she is a woman but actually thinks like a man, she could be expelled for having a man-mentality. 

And what about people who are bigender?  Could they perhaps enroll for a two-year degree?

And how can Barnard actually catch cheaters, men who say they are women but still think they are men, and women who say they are women but actually think they are men?  Wouldn't it be scary to be in an all-girls college, and in the locker room not know if the women around you are really women, but if some of them were secretly men inside their heads but hiding that fact for fear of being expelled?  Is there any way to tell if a person with the body of a woman is actually a man, like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg seems to be?

And what of the men who say they are women?  How do we really know in their minds that they are women?  If men do not sit down when going to the bathroom, could that be a sign that they do not honestly believe they are women?  And what if they watch a lot of football and refuse to paint their nails?

Perhaps there's some kind of femininity test that could be given, maybe a points-based system for individual items like painted nails, wearing dresses, long hair, swishy walks, etc.

Because otherwise we may end up with a system where both men and women are attending Barnard.  Can you imagine men and women sitting together in the same classroom, hearing the same lectures, breathing the same air?

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