At least Rubio didn't say that the police were picking on white Hispanics

The Democrats, and their allies at the NY Times, must be worried about Senator Rubio.   

How else do you explain the silly story about Senator Rubio and traffic violations?  How do you explain it in light of the NY Times's total silence about Senator Obama's driving record?

To be fair, a story about reckless driving could be relevant about a person's character, especially if it involves alcohol or drugs.  It may be something we should know about the candidate if there is a pattern of recklessness.

There is nothing like that in Rubio's past.  This Rubio story is about as important as the one back in 2012 about Romney's high school days.

There are two points about the Rubios that the NY Times did not tell its readers:

First, the Rubios paid the fine, took the defensive driving course, and didn't try to use their influence to get out of anything.  In fact, their behavior was what we would expect from any of us, as H.L. Wolff wrote:

Now, as a person who has been important in Florida politics for a long time, Marco Rubio could have doubtless made some strategic phone calls and made these traffic tickets disappear. Instead, however, he appears to have pretty much paid them. For his wife, he made the shocking change of strategy, reported with equal breathlessness by the NYT, of… hiring a lawyer. Cue the spooky music and include the lawyer’s ad, which (shockingly) reports that he specializes in defending traffic tickets.

Second, Rubio did not play the victim card or say anything about the police targeting Cubans, white Hispanics, pretty Colombian blondes like his wife, or anything else.  The Rubios let the police do their job and moved on.

There is a lesson here for Senator Rubio or whoever the GOP nominee is.    

The lesson is that the media will be in Hillary Clinton's tank, no matter how many reporters she avoids or treats like dirt.

The media will spend the next year looking for incidents like the Rubios' traffic record and dropping them on the front page to bail out the sinking Clinton candidacy.

Are you ready, GOP?

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