An end to racism

It appears that Rachel Dolezal may have unwittingly come upon a way to end racism in the country once and for all.

With her claim that she's transracial, having identified as a black person since the age of five, all blacks who find it in their interest to join the Caucasian race need only declare that they are now transracially white people because they've always identified as a white person.  There has to be a cosmetic company somewhere that can come up with some kind of reverse tanning spray or lotion to whiten skin color and hair salons around the country that can straighten out naturally curly hair to make a black person look white in the same manner Rachel Dolezal changed her complexion and her hair to look like a black woman.

How simple.  It really is amazing that in this morally and culturally relativistic world we all live in now, where objective truth is dead and that truth is what any given individual decides what he wants it to be, the collective "truth" for blacks is as easy as declaring they are no longer African-Americans but have decided individually to join the Caucasian race.  Problem solved.  Racism is dead.