American University presents artwork made of homosexual blood

Do you like horror movies where the walls bleed?  If so, you'll like this story very much!  American University is featuring a work of art made from homosexual blood.  The artwork is a mirror coated with the blood of homosexuals, such as an 88-year-old gay priest, a married transgender male couple, and a bisexual father of two.

Jordan Eagles assembled a group of nine queer men with a diverse array of stories to take part in his project "Blood Mirror." Last year the FDA proposed altering its full ban on blood donation from MSM individuals to one that only requires men to have not engaged in sex with other men for 12 months prior to their donation.

What kind of regulation is this?  How many celibate gay men do you think there are?

This change is slated to go into effect in July 2015, but still angers many who say that the entire ban should be lifted. Eagles used the blood these men donated to construct an art installation that sends a powerful message about the lives that could have been saved if the FDA's policy on blood donation from men who have sex with men (MSM) were different.

How many lives do you think could have been saved if gay people donated blood?  Except for the risk of AIDS infection being 50 or 100 times higher, don't you think a lot of lives would have been saved?

I really like the idea of this artwork but think something is still missing.  I think the mirror needs a knife or blade, coated with homosexual blood, that should slash out at random intervals, giving small cuts to people looking at the artwork.  In that way bystanders can become part of the art project.  Do you think that would upset supporters, even knowing how safe the blood is?

Exit questions:

1) Don't you think American Univeristy should be celebrated for this exhibit?  If they could get a lot more donors, do you think it would be a positive measure of solidarity for them to paint the inside and outsides of their dormitories and classrooms with gay blood as well?

2) If there were gay vampires, do you think they would enjoy this exhibit?

3) Do you think it is a coincidence that MSM stands for both mainstream media and men who have sex with men?

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