All Isn't Well in Costa Rica's Ecotopia

Costa Rica is often held up as the model for democratic ecological governance that the major Western economies should aspire to. The nation is purportedly running its electrical grid entirely off renewable sources, and its leader is an outspoken climate activist on the global stage.

But a recent report suggests not all is well in paradise.

Gallup's latest Global States of Mind report reveals some troubling facts. When asked whether corruption is widespread in government, 84 percent of respondents from Costa Rica said "yes." Even countries such as Canada had high government corruption perceptions in the Gallup poll, with 41 percent of Canadians surveyed indicating they thought corruption is widespread in their government.

In terms of leadership approval, just 20 percent of Costa Ricans approve of their country's leadership -- in a tie with Jamaica, Spain, and Portugal.

Clearly renewable energy and climate change advocacy are not keeping the public satiated.