A peaceful Draw contest in Iran

While professional victim Muslims in America are tying their turbans and hijabs into tight knots because underclass dhimmi infidels don't snap to it when they demand hygienic unopened soda cans or dare Draw Mohammed, (and more!), threatening lawsuits at best, attempted slaughter at worst, another Draw contest took place in Iran.  But there was no public whining or violence because well...the contest was in the Muslim Shiite police state of Iran which also pays others to fight Sunni Muslims for them in Syria and Iraq and the drawees were the same scorned, evil  Sunni Muslims of the Islamic State (Daesh in Arabic) and their equally evil backers.

“We also want to denounce its supporters, the Westerners, the Zionists (Israel), and the United States.” (snip)

The competition called on cartoonists to submit drawings that reveal the “true nature” of IS as “no human being can turn a blind eye to the crimes” of the Sunni extremists.

Launched last week, the International Daesh Cartoon and Caricature Contest attracted 300 entries from more than 40 countries — including Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia and Morocco.

“We want to show the true heinous nature of Daesh,” said Masoud Shojai-Tabatabai, the chairman of the organizing committee, using the Arabic acronym for IS.

“IS bears the name of Islam but has no relationship with this religion, aiming to create (a) divide between Muslims, between Sunnis and Shiites,” he told AFP on the sidelines of the awards ceremony on Sunday night. (snip)

The winning cartoons were revealing.

One cartoon depicts Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state who is running for president, in a knitted sweater bearing the letters ISIS — another name for IS — made of skulls.

A winning entry is of British Prime Minister David Cameron sporting a fox tail.

One illustrator also used the competition to denounce the media and their alleged bias against IS atrocities in a drawing of a jihadist holding the pixelated head of a decapitated victim.

The first prize went to a caricature of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, represented with the body of a rattlesnake. (snip)

Second place went to a portrait of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed “caliph” of vast tracts of land the jihadists have conquered in Iraq and Syria. His beard is a thatch of blades dripping with blood, which is also splattered on the wall in the background that also features stars of David. 

(The  six pointed Star of David symbols represent Israel, Jews and Judaism.)

Tabatabai is also the organizer of a competition of cartoons on the Holocaust, launched in late January in response to the publication by Charlie Hebdo of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Mocking the horrors of the Holocaust in response to some mild cartoons in a small French publication...get the connection?  No?  No matter, the hate filled Iranians don't need one despite their claim they aren't racist. 

Busy torturing, beheading and slaughtering men, women and children who don't agree with them, the Islamic State's Sunni Muslims don't have time at the moment to conduct their own cartoon contest.  So the continuing brutality between the two groups is enough of a peaceful protest.