Yet another rape hoax busted

Rape hoaxes seem all the rage, from Lena Dunham claiming to have been raped in her best-selling autobiography to Rolling Stone getting a fraternity shut down by a fraudulent story of an improbably gang rape. The Daily Caller brings us the story:

Yet another rape allegation on an American college campus has fallen completely apart.

The campus in this instance is the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities.

Last weekend, an 18-year-old student at the school had told campus police that two young men who were complete strangers raped her at knifepoint in her fourth-floor dorm room.

After a resulting criminal probe, police have now concluded the woman in [sic] lying.

“After further investigation, the University of Minnesota police department is no longer investigating the report of a sexual assault in Sanford Hall as a stranger sexual assault,” school officials said in a Wednesday statement obtained by the Star Tribune, the big Twin Cities newspaper.

The case is no longer a sexual assault case, school officials explained. Instead, it’s “a student crisis intervention case.”

The freshman student is now deemed “in crisis” and needs “professional assistance,” a university police spokesman suggested on Thursday.

OK, maybe this person is mentally ill. But there sems to be a lot of mental illness going around. I blame a society that lionizes victims and demonizes certain groups (males, whites, and most especially white males) as oppressors.

I have long believed that fake reports of rape, hate crimes, or really any outrage, ought to be punished by the same penalties as adhere to the original alleged crime.

At a minimum, this young woman whose name is being “protected” filed a false police report and wasted a lot of police resources.  

The University of Minnesota does have a serious problem with rape on and near campus though the authorities there go out of their way to avoid mention of the races involved. The false report indirectly contributed to the success of real rapists by tying up police resources and casting doubt on legitimate reports.