What's up with all those Jeb Bush gaffes?

Jeb Bush, the overwhelming frontrunner in the GOP Money Primary, has not covered himself in glory this week. Following his amazingly inept discussion of his brother’s decision to invade Iraq, yesterday he inadvertently declared himself to be running for president. Warner Todd Huston reports at Breitbart:

Answering a question on how he would be different from his bother former President George W. Bush, Jeb said he is running but immediately tried to walk that back.

I’m running for president in 2016, and the focus is gonna be about how we—if I run—how do you create high, sustained economic growth, where more people have a chance at earned success? And I will apply my record and the ideas that are relevant going forward to all of this. Of course I have differences with every president, previous president.

But Jeb has not officially made an announcement of his final intentions, saying only that he will decide “soon.”

As most readers already know, he has repeatedly stumbled on the Iraq War, the issue that Barack Obama was able to exploit in his run for the White House.

Asked repeatedly in recent days whether he would have supported an Iraq invasion based on what is known now, the former Florida governor has replied “Yes” or “I don’t know,” or has refused to answer, depending on the venue.

I would say that four distinct verbal stumbles in the space of three days constitutes a pattern. Governor Bush is regarded even by his enemies as an intelligent man, so sheer Bidenesque incompetence can be ruled out. Something else is going on.

I have to wonder if Jeb is ambivalent about a run for the presidency. If he is, there would be enormous psychological pressure on him, owing to his family heritage and the vast amount of money already raised for his presumed run. It was widely bandied about that George W. preempted Jeb, who was expected to be the brother who first would run for president. I have no idea what kind of sibling rivalry may or may not be at play, but Jeb is betraying some sort of mental muddle in his campaign activities.

The presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary, similarly has issued a series of gaffes, and similarly has a family White House history that contains elements of rivalry and perhaps resentment. The prospect of two trouble dynastic nominees running against each other and their own personal hangups is not attractive, to say the least.

Jeb Bush had better get his mind straight quickly, or his money advantage will do him little good.