Understanding Baltimore's problems in two revealing maps

Regarding the unrest in Baltimore., everyone is focused on whether the police did or did not abuse one prisoner in its custody, and that is said to have sparked the riots that have ensued.  But we all know that Baltimore has bigger problems, which you can see from these two maps, the first from crimereports.com, the second from spotcrime.com.  Each red triangle is a "registered sex offender" in the Baltimore area.  Sex offender is government-speak for a rapist or child molester.  And these are only the registered ones.  There are plenty more undocumented ones, hiding in the shadows, just waiting for amnesty, or as Jeb Bush might say, "an act of love." This is a selection of crime incidents in the Baltimore area.  The flames are fires that are purposefully set.  Each big fist represents someone getting punched out in an assault.  Each man in black represents a burglary.  Each man in black with...(Read Full Post)