Time for a black Democrat to step up

The Baltimore Orioles or Ravens would have fired their general manager a long time ago if he kept overseeing one losing season after another.  He would have been accountable for the team's record, and someone else would have been brought in to clean house.

Unfortunately, no such thing will happen to the political class in Baltimore.  The Democrats will continue to win uncontested elections, and the city will continue to go south.  The elite black Democrats will hold on to power and send their kids to private schools.  The rest of the black population will be told that everything is a mess because the white GOP refuses to send money to the inner cities.

The reality is that the liberal experiment is not working, unless you think that Detroit and Baltimore are success stories.

I agree with William McGurn:

Baltimore is but the latest liberal-blue city where government has failed to do the one thing it ought—i.e., put the cops on the side of the vulnerable and law-abiding—while pursuing “solutions” that in practice enfeeble families and social institutions and local economies.

These supposed solutions do this by substituting federal transfers for fathers and families.  They do it by favoring community organizing and government projects over private investment. And they do it by propping up failing public-school systems that operate as jobs programs for the teachers unions instead of centers of learning.

So what do we do know?

We know that there is no external solution for these cities or districts.    

We can write posts or opine on the matter, but the solution has to come from within.  

What Democrat mayor or Governor, or perhaps presidential candidate, will have the courage to call it a failure?  Or which one will challenge the teachers' union and put the kids first?

I don't know if there is a Democrat with that kind of political courage.  At the same time, I do know that he would do the country, and black Americans, a lot of good.

What black Democrat will tell the truth and pull the plug on these failed experiments?  We really need one to step up.

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