The usual suspects ride shotgun on Iranian aid ship

When Western radicals who support terrorists and rogue states meet their demise, it’s only sometime after they lose their lives for the cause when we learn about their background and motivations.  Such was the case with Rachel Corrie and Kayla Mueller, who were praised by the U.S. media for being dedicated lovers of peace and tranquility for the poor and downtrodden in the Middle East.  It was only through the new media that we later learned about their radical anti-U.S. and Israel activities at home and abroad.

However, thanks to the Gulf News (UAE), it’s revealed that two self-proclaimed radicals and socialists are on board an Iranian humanitarian aid ship bound for Yemen.  Before something terrible happens to the ship and these two end up floating in the Gulf of Aden, here are their brief biographies to put the lie to any potential media spin.

The American, Caleb Maupin, is originally from Ohio and is a radical journalist and political analyst.  He is a member of Workers World Party and Fight Imperialism – Stand Together (FIST), and he took part in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  He also admits to promoting revolutionary ideology and to “support[ing] all who fight against the global system of monopoly capitalist imperialism.”

The German, Christoph Hörstel, is a dedicated supporter of the Iranian regime and Hezb’allah.  He has spoken at the Al-Quds Day march in Berlin and has called for the elimination of Israel.  A well-known Holocaust denier, he was the center of a controversy in 2014 when he was invited to a commemoration at the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

If the mullahs think that these two useful idiots will shield them from criticism if the Arab Coalition is to engage or board the ship, it won’t wash now that the Gulf media has supplanted the U.S. press for news concerning Iran.  After all, the LSM has continued to cover for Obama’s failures in the Middle East, and we should expect nothing less when it comes to its non-coverage of his like-minded Western radical allies.

John Smith is the pen name of an intelligence service veteran who must remain anonymous.