The media attacks on Pamela Geller begin

The U.K. Daily Mail, which claims to be the world’s most-read English-language news site, has published an attack on Pamela Geller, just hours after the terror attack against the Draw Muhammad art exhibit in Garland, Texas.

The very headline gives away their game:

'This is a war': The woman behind anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoon contest and her long history of hatred

Isn’t the hatred of the attackers more relevant than any such characterization of Pamela G?

The article attempts to discredit her by dredging up details of her divorce and financial status, as well as quoting extremely misleading characterizations of her from the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center, which even put Dr. Ben Carson on its “Extremist File” list before backing down in the wake of derision.  

The Daily Mail is generally speaking a conservative publication, but apparently when it comes to protecting the sensitivities of British Muslims (see the fate of Charlie Hebdo), it cowers in submission to sharia.

Garry Trudeau has yet to comment, but based on his Charlie Hebdo comments (“free speech ... becomes its own kind of fanaticism”), a ringing endorsement of freedom of speech is not to be expected.

Update: Jihad Watch captured and saved a bit of Sharia compliance from the Daily Mail prior to the shooting.  They later took down the picture they published blacking out the images of Muhammad at the exhibit.

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