Sorry: that question about Iraq tells me nothing about Jeb Bush

Another day and we are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to answer a reporter's question.   At the same time, all of the talk is about Megyn Kelly's Iraq question.

First of all, the decision to invade Iraq was made in 2002-03, or 12 years ago for those who want to do the math.  

The idea of invading Iraq was openly debated in the US Congress and large majorities approved President Bush's request.   It was approved by Democrats, such as then Senator Clinton and Kerry.    

CBS reported back in October 2002:

The Congressional vote endorsing the resolution on Iraq is seen as a solid endorsement of Mr. Bush's insistence that he will work with the United Nations if possible, or alone if necessary, to disarm Saddam of his weapons of mass destruction.

It is insane to ask such a question or to evaluate Jeb Bush's candidacy on that issue.

Should we ask now:   If we knew what we know now would we have launched the Challenger in January 1986?  or "fill the blank" with whatever second guessing you want to do?

Perhaps Jeb Bush misunderstood the question.   I repeat:  Why are we even asking the question?

So why all of the media fuzz and conversation about a decision made in 2002-03?

The answer is another convenient effort to protect President Obama from his incompetent foreign policy.

Iraq was stable and doing quite well when President Obama walked into the Oval Office in January 2009.   It was doing so well in 2010-11 that VP Biden was going around saying that Iraq was an Obama success story.    

The left is doing everything possible to change the conversation about Iraq.   They want you to think that the Middle East mess is a consequence of the Iraq War invasion.    They don't want to confront the reality that ISIS grew after we left Iraq.

So can we stop talking about Iraq 2003-03 and start talking about Iraq 2015?   Our next president won't be messing with the decision to invade Iraq 12 years ago.   He will be forced to make decision about Iraq today.    

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