Rev. Al Sharpton wishes climate control or his god on Texas

What's a man accustomed to the limelight going to do when there is no limelight?  That's the oh so sad plight of the man of some god, Rev. Al Sharpton.  A violent Memorial Day weekend across the country where, sadly, many black civilians didn't act as if #blacklivesmatter deprived him of the limelight of trumped up civil rights abuse charges.  His daughter decided to sue the city of New York after she tripped on an uneven public sidewalk, claiming she now has permanent injuries with a diminished quality of life.  But then pictures were posted of her happily hiking in exotic places after this disastrous event surfaced.  Whoops!  And there is that matter of those substantial back taxes Sharpton owes.  

So in desperation Sharpton pulled on a distraction limelight, capitalizing on the tragic flooding in Texas.  

Well now we can understand why President Barack Obama (D) lectured the graduating Coast Guard class about the horrors of "climate change" while ignoring the real horrors of decapitated civilians and sex slaves in Syria, Iraq, and Libya – Rev. Al Sharpton is his trusted advisor.  Sharpton doesn't have much to say about "God's rebuke" for them.