Report: Staff fleeing Clinton Foundation as Chelsea takes over

File this one under “not surprising.”  Chelsea Clinton, having grown up entitled, arrogant, and accomplishment-less, is screwing up the first executive job handed her on a silver platter.  Remind you of anyone?

Richard Johnson reports an anonymously sourced story at the New York Post’s Page Six:

Chelsea Clinton is so unpleasant to colleagues, she’s causing high turnover at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, sources say.

Several top staffers have left the foundation since Chelsea came onBoard as vice chairman in 2011.

“A lot of people left because she was there. A lot of people left because she didn’t want them there,” an insider told me. “She is very difficult.”

Longtime Little Rock consigliore Bruce Lindsey was kicked upstairs to chairman so Chelsea could bring in her own management team.  She started with Eric Braverman, whom she met during her brief tenure at McKinsey & Company, the top-shelf management consultancy full of brilliant people with actual qualifications to charge astronomical fees to organizations needing help thinking their way through problems that require an outside perspective.  Braverman, according to Johnson:

“ … tried to hire his own communications professional and actually tried to run the place. He didn’t understand that that wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing,” said my source. “He was pushed out.”

As the old saying goes, As hire As, Bs hire Cs.  Braverman, having won his slot at McKinsey without being the child of a president, almost certainly was an A, and so he didn’t last long.  Sucking up to Chelsea turned out to be a bad idea.

As the spawn of Hillary Clinton, a woman who reportedly ordered White House staff not to look her in the face as they encountered her in hallways, Chelsea has inherited a bizarre and unwarranted sense of self-importance, a less lethal version of Kim Jong-un syndrome:

None of this would surprise her former co-workers at McKinsey and NBC News. At both the management consulting firm and the network, co-workers allegedly were told they couldn’t approach Chelsea.

A source at NBC, where Chelsea was paid $600,000 a year, said, “If someone wanted to talk to Chelsea about something, they had to go through a producer.”

Already sporting a reported personal net worth of 15 million dollars based on no evident accomplishments, Chelsea has a personal staff of 5, almost certainly paid for by the family slush fund foundation, part of the “good work” George Stephanopoulos was so anxious to support.

It is obvious that her parents intend to establish a Kennedy- (or Bush-) like political dynasty and see the title of “philanthropist” bestowed on Chelsea as part of her resume-building for an eventual presidential run.  But there are no signs at all that she has her putative father’s personal or political charm.  Her beauty, such as it is, definitely is not just skin deep.  As Ann Richards once quipped about George Bush (I paraphrase), "she was born on third base and believes she hit a triple."