Report: Obama library to be built in America's most corrupt major city

As a sort of farewell present to the city he adopted as his political base but will leave for more glamorous New York City after his presidency, the Barack Obama Presidential Library is to be built on parkland taken from the citizens of Chicago.  Unless, that is, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner vetoes a bill authorizing the transfer of city-owned park acreage to the library.  Dahleen Glanton and Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune explain: President Barack Obama has selected the University of Chicago to host his library and museum, sources have told the Chicago Tribune. Despite a flurry of reports Thursday that Chicago had won the library, there was no official confirmation by the Obama administration, City Hall or the Obama Foundation, which is leading the site selection process. There are two potential sites under considerstion, both in the crime-ridden South Side of the city, currently home to a horrific crime wave costing the lives of many young...(Read Full Post)