President Obama should lead the way by putting his daughters in the D.C. public schools

Please cue the Twilight Zone intro.  I need it!  The Obama years are wearing me out.

Over the last couple of days, President Obama did another one of those things where he sits back and lectures the country on this or that. 

Frankly, it is weird, especially when he makes a comment like this:

Obama criticized the free-market system in America for allowing higher concentrations of wealth to exist among the rich while the bottom percentage was being left behind and receiving a smaller portion of that wealth.

“Those who are doing better and better, more skilled, more educated, – luckier – having greater advantages are withdrawing from the commons,” he said. “Kids start going to private schools, kids start working out at private clubs instead of the public parks, an anti-government ideology then disinvests from those common goods and those things that draw us together.”

That led fewer people to care about public institutions, Obama explained, leading to government cuts to important public functions – making the nation less equal.

Obama insisted that there needed to be more investments in public schools, public universities, public early child education and public infrastructure, insisting that funding these organizations both “grows our economy and spreads it around.”

So the problem is that the rich are sending their kids to private schools and isolating them from the realities of a cruel world?

Wait a minute.  Isn't that what Mr. and Mrs. Obama have done since he was a state senator representing a black district in the Chicago area? 

I have two questions here.

The first question is for President and Mrs. Obama: will you set the example by removing your daughters from an expensive private school and putting them in the local high school?  They should take their lead from President and Mrs. Carter, who sent little Amy to a grade school not far from the White House.  Set the example and then call on every Democrat from coast to coast to do the same thing.

My second question is to the media: are you people sleeping on the job?  How do you let him get away with such an outrageous statement?

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