Poll: Americans have 'exceedingly low' trust in privacy and security of institutional records

In the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations, new polling data from the Pew Research Center shows high levels of distrust among Americans over privacy, security, and surveillance. As the authors, Mary Madden and Lee Rainie, concluded, “the new findings show Americans also have exceedingly low levels of confidence in the privacy and security of the records that are maintained by a variety of institutions in the digital age.” Only 6 percent of respondents indicated “they are ‘very confident’ that government agencies can keep their records private and secure.”  Just another 25 percent were “somewhat confident.” Equal percentages were “very confident” and “somewhat confident” that telephone companies would protect their data. In terms of basic privacy-enhancing measures, the following numbers of respondents undertook specific actions: Clearing cookies or browser history (59 percent) Refusing...(Read Full Post)