One and half cheers for Geraldo

In a week where we've heard some pretty unbelievable statements regarding the riots in Baltimore, from the mayor's "We gave space to those who wish to destroy" to a police commander telling Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert that "If you get assaulted, I cannot help you because it will incite a riot" to Hillary Clinton's grandstanding, pandering nonsense – "The legal system is broke and we need to decriminalize many offenses that disproportionately effect young black men" – there was a moment of supreme clarity this Thursday morning.

On the morning show Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera, who frequently provides the liberal counterpoint, said the following regarding the root cause of inner-city black anger and unrest: "I hate to bring politics into this, but its 50 years of failed liberal, Democrat social policy that keeps them [inner-city black Americans] enmeshed in poverty."  BINGO!  You could almost see the light bulb turn on above his head as he said it. 

It's not the police.  It's not a broken legal system.  It's not white racism or white privilege. 

By Geraldo correctly identifying and speaking about the root cause, maybe – just maybe – the light bulbs will turn on for more white liberals and members of the black community as well.  Correctly diagnosing the problem is the first step in prescribing a cure.  Not only is chasing false "causes" a counterproductive waste of time and resources, but it actually fans the flames while the problem grows infinitely worse.  Unfortunately, many politicians and "community leaders" chase them with vigor for selfish political gain.