Obamacare and amnesty would be dead if Republicans fought like this governor

Republicans are fighting for private property rights...in Maine.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) pledged on Friday to veto every single bill sponsored by Democratic state lawmakers until they allow his constitutional amendment banning the income tax to pass through the legislature.

"The governor of Maine is going to make sure that every bill that comes down from the House and the Senate with a Democrat sponsor, will be required to have a two-thirds vote. Because I'm going to veto every one. And I did a bunch this morning," LePage said.

Can you imagine the Republican Congress refusing to pass any legislation until Obama stopped violating the Constitution?  I can't.

But how can LePage do this?  If he vetoes bills, Democrats will say he's hurting the poor of Maine.  The answer is simple: he's not afraid of what the Democrats will say.

The governor also accused Democrats of disenfranchising voters by blocking his proposal.

Look at this endangered species: a Republican who goes on the offensive!  In the rare times that national Republicans put up mock resistance against Democrats for a few days, they are always mumble-mouthed about it, unable to articulate a position, always looking sheepish or afraid.  Meanwhile, LePage goes on the offensive, labeling Democrats the enemy of the people!

"The Maine people deserve to have a say in the income tax, and until they lift it, that's my leverage," he said[.]

Look how he frames the debate, saying that Democrats are preventing voters from having a say in their own governance.  Have you ever seen any other Republican take on the Democrats this way?  I've seen Ted Cruz do it, but I can't recall any other senator or congressman who has in recent memory.

LePage also openly mocked state Democratic leaders during his Friday press conference, specifically naming House Speaker Mark Eves and Senate Minority Leader Justin Alfond, among others.

Have you ever seen a national Republican politician mock a Democrat?  Never.

LePage is wonderful.  And in Maine, of all places!

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