Next Time You See a Soldier in the Airport, Say Thank You

I’m a woos. A wimp. I admit it. A private fresh out of boot camp has more courage in his pinkie fingernail than I do in my entire being.   I could never imagine putting myself in harm’s way for my country the way our young men and women in the military do. The way my nephew and his wife did for five years. My eyes water every time I think about their dedication and sacrifice. The visible and invisible scars they brought home with them. Their desire to go back and do more. Their disappointment and depression from not being allowed to, due to those very same disabilities. Unfortunately, too many low-information, Obama-voting liberals just don’t get it. I experienced the perfect example of this last week in a bar in Ann Arbor. It’s a trendy place where all the staff have tattoos, bushy beards, and waxed handlebar mustaches. Some of the guys do too. It was a slow point in the day when I was there with my daughter sitting at the bar watching the...(Read Full Post)