New York Times: Whites moving into Hispanic areas is not diversity

The New York Times published an article about mostly White dotcommers moving into a Hispanic neighborhood of San Francisco called the Mission District. But nowhere in this article did the Times ever use the word "diversity." This is puzzling, because in every other article where they talk about adding more Blacks or Hispanics to a white population, they always celebrate that as the merits of diversity. But not this time: Luxury condominiums, organic ice cream stores, cafes that serve soy lattes and chocolate shops that offer samples from Ecuador and Madagascar are rapidly replacing 99-cent stores, bodegas and rent-controlled apartments in the Mission District, this city’s working-class Latino neighborhood. The food-snobby NY Times loves to write about soy lattes,  as one of the favorite pretentious drinks of the  left-wing cultural elite. But in this article soy lattes take on an unaccustomed role, as the drink of the evil rich white elite. As...(Read Full Post)