MSNBC hits a new low

The mind boggles at the mentality on evidence at the Comcast-owned news network. Kudos to Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit for noticing, publicizing, and saving the evidence after a grown-up (apparently there still is one) at MSNBC deleted the tweet.

Here is the tweet posted after the Savannah, Georgia police released video of a cop being dragged by car he had stopped for questioning.

To add to the hilarity, the video had clown music added to it, as the police officer was dragged along, imperiling his life.

This is National Police Week, murders of police are up 80 some percent and the network is making light of a life-threatening incident of an attack against a police officer.

Will any heads roll? I am not holding my breath. As my colleague Rick Moran puts it, “They are becoming a parody of themselves.”  And I guess they know their (diminishing) audience.

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