Hillary's Mediaphobia

Hillary Clinton is running a groundbreaking campaign by breaking records in her avoidance of the media. If she continues on this path, in just a few days it will be one month since she answered a single journalist’s question.

Considering how left leaning the media is and how easily they let leftists get away with bogus answers, Hillary really is quite the little coward (among other things), isn’t she?                                 

During this period of monk-like media silence Hillary has been seen, so we know she’s up and about. Even talking. You know, to those everyday people she so loves and wants to champion.

But I’d say she’s reached a point with the media where one can safely accuse her of suffering from Mediaphobia.

What’s the problem?

  • Do you think the media would actually press her on certain matters?
  • Do you think she’s scared of being exposed for the fraud – perhaps even the criminal – that she is?
  • Or do you think she’s afraid a journalist might ask her the truly unthinkable: to draw a Mohammed cartoon. Live. On air. For all the world to see. (I’m thinking something along the lines of Mohammed in a pantsuit with a Wilma Flintstone style necklace.)