Let Syrian 'refugees' revitalize Detroit? What could go wrong?

Let's face it: Detroit is a disaster area.  And who has better experiences with disaster areas than the Islamic State?  That's why a New York Times op-ed writer is calling for Syrian "refugees" to be resettled in Detroit.  What could go wrong?

Detroit, a once great city, has become an urban vacuum. Its population has fallen to around 700,000 from nearly 1.9 million in 1950. The city is estimated to have more than 70,000 abandoned buildings and 90,000 vacant lots. Meanwhile, desperate Syrians, victims of an unfathomable civil war, are fleeing to neighboring countries, with some 1.8 million in Turkey and 600,000 in Jordan.

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan, a Republican, has already laid the groundwork. In January 2014 he called for an infusion of 50,000 immigrants as part of a program to revitalize Detroit, and signed an executive order creating the Michigan Office for New Americans. President Obama and Congress would have to agree to lift this year’s refugee ceiling by 50,000. Homeland Security, which controls the borders, would have to carry out accelerated security checks

How "accelerated" do you think these checks would be?  How could you perform background checks on people without documentation from a country destroyed in civil war?  The correct answer, of course, is that you couldn't.

Start by asking yourself, what are these people refugees from?  There are two sides in Syria: the Alewites, roughly Shi'ites, and the Sunnis.  The Shi'ites are aligned with Hezb'allah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and when they're in the majority, they commit unspeakable atrocities against the Sunnis.  When they're in the minority, they're "refugees."  The Sunnis are allied with the Islamic State and the al-Qaeda affiliate called the Nusra Front.  When they're in the majority, they commit unspeakable atrocities against the Shi'ites.  When they're in the minority, they're refugees.  There are no moderate forces there, except on paper in State Department briefings.

If you bring them here, many will do what the Muslims are doing in Europe: kill Jews and others who offend them.  You can see it starting already in Minneapolis, which had a large population of militant Somali Muslims dumped there.  Some went off to become terrorists and may have been the source of threats against the Mall of America.

Instead of mass-importing jihadists, how about restoring law and order to Detroit, bringing in the National Guard if necessary, and doing the kind of "mass incarceration" of criminals that Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul deplore?  Once the area is safe again, property values will rise, and people will return.

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