Islamophobia or Islamorealism?

As we move through this period of Islamic assault on Western civilization in general and on the USA in particular , we can more and more appreciate the stamina and fortitude of Winston Churchill as he warned the British public and government over and over of the gathering storm of Nazi aggression.  To those who study history, it has always been bewildering that the British Establishment was so oblivious to the building threat, which was supported by legions of facts.

We find ourselves in a similar situation.  Few in public life are willing to address the growing threat to our way of life, to the Constitution from militant Islam.  We see the destruction of countries in North Africa by militant Islam.  The Middle East is being turned into a charnel house by ISIS while our president and secretary of state can see only infractions of international law by Israel.

Those who do stand up to the deplorable behavior of Islam in power, such as Pamela Geller last week, are accused of Islamophobia.  It isn’t Islamophobia.  It is Islamorealism.  Pamela Geller is protecting our rights of free speech by exercising them and by showing how much security is now necessary to hold an event that would be unremarkable if it involved Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other organized religion.

Being appalled at sharia, at hanging gays, at the behavior of ISIS, at terrorism as a political tactic is not Islamophobia.

It is Islamorealism.

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