ISIS reopens 5-star hotel in Mosul, social media hilarity ensues

If you're going to Mosul in Iraq to attend the next International Brotherhood of Beheaders conference, or the ever-popular Burqa fashion show, you can now enjoy 5-star accommodations at the revamped, retooled, and renovated Ninawa International Hotel.

The Islamic State has invested millions to bring comfort and luxury to its commanders and fighters, as well as special guests of the caliphate.

Social media in the West exploded in laughter at the prospect of terrorists running a luxury hotel, referred to variously as "Hotel Caliphornia" and "The Shariaton."

A few social media trolls took to the Tripadvisor page for Ninawa International Hotel and asked if they can get Kosher meals or host a "Draw Prophet Mohammad" competition there.

"Can I inquire the manager on hosting my second annual Mohammad drawing contest here?" one user, who goes by the name of BlastedCannon, wrote on the TripAdvisor page. Another user, Griezzell G from Pakistan, wanted to know "if I am beheaded, will the rest of my party get their room comped?" 

Similarly, a user who goes by the nameof Madonna C from California wanted to book the hotel for Lady Gaga. "I trust you will be able to extend your famous hospitality to her," she said.

IS threw a party where all Muslims could attend for free:

Isis affiliated Twitter accounts were promoting an event to mark the hotel’s opening night on 1 May, where all Muslims were told they could attend for free.

Images from the event show dozens gathered around pools during the day, followed by a firework display in the evening.

It is believed that few in the caliphate will be able to afford to stay there:

It is thought the hotel will be used as a place for commanders and dignitaries to stay when visiting Iraq's second city Mosul where ISIS has declared a caliphate.

The tweets are a break away from the group's usual propaganda aimed at radicalising and recruiting young men and women to Syria.

Charlie Winter, a researcher for the counter-extremism think tank Quilliam, told the Independent he thought the aim was to show strength after recent US-led coalition bombings on the city.

Mosul was targeted by 12 air strikes on Tuesday.

It was one of the first cities to be captured by ISIS and remains a regular target for the US-led coalition.

Mr Winter said: “I think the message the propagandists are trying to portray is that if the coalition is really causing damage then Isis wouldn't be able to host gala dinners with fireworks at a luxury hotel."

Apparently, even devout, fanatical Muslim terrorists can be seduced by the prospect of room service.

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