HuffPo celebrates 10 years of perverse and trite journalism

The Huffington Post, named after Arianna Huffington's gay ex-husband, Michael Huffington (I supposed she preferred calling it that to the Stassinopoulos Post, after her maiden name), has celebrated 10 years of perverse, race-baiting, and banal journalism.  I thought that to honor their achievement, I would list but a few of their recent greatest hits:

1) "How to Eat Ramen"

It turns out that the key ... is to eat quickly. 

2) "7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat"

Most insightful tip:

Choose a fun mat.

3) The 15 Phases Of Getting A Haircut

1. A decision is made. get a haircut.  It goes downhill from there.

4) "#WeJustNeedToPee Trans Bathroom Selfie Campaign Goes Viral"

It features photos of men dressed as women holding up signs in women's bathrooms demanding the right to go to the bathroom there.

5)"Meet San Quentin's First Openly Transgender Prison Guard"

This is a guy dressed as a girl.  My only question: who will guard the guard?

6) "13 Reasons Every Woman Should Masturbate Regularly"

I wonder if this is an issue that Arianna personally feels strongly about since she divorced Michael.

7) "Lesbians Are Having More Orgasms Than Straight Women"

... self-identified lesbian women are more comfortable and familiar with the female body and thus, on average, are better able to induce orgasm in their female partners

Comedy gold.

8) "Here's What Happened When I Agreed to Try Group Masturbation"

I think AT is wasting space talking about politics, culture, and world affairs when it could be talking about the really important issues of the day like this.

9) "10 Reasons You'll Love Living In A Majority-Minority America"

It Will Be Easier To Learn A Second Language...  Amazing Music... Less Racism... Better Television... More Ethnic Studies... We'll Be Better Thinkers

No racism there!

This is only a small sampling.  There are also many more articles about the greatness of minority cultures, the evil of white people, the evil of men, how oppressed Muslims are, how oppressed gays are (but not by Muslims), and so on.  HuffPo is a sort of dumbed down, soft-porn parody of the Washington Post.

I find it quite useful.  If you want to get a snapshot of the current liberal IQ on any given day, simply glance at the homepage of HuffPo.  It's like a mental weather report for liberals.

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