House GOP wants to explore space, Democrats want to stare at the Earth

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee voted for a significant change in NASA's priorities.  Instead of the nearly 2 billion dollars requested by President Obama for "earth science" (read: global warming studies), the Republican House cut funding down to $1.68 billion, a merciful change in the right direction and enough to incur the ire of both the administration and Democratic critics like Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who blasted the bill.  (Mikulski claimed without evidence that global warming is damaging Maryland's Chesapeake Bay). The House Committee also helpfully bumped up funding for planetary exploration at the expense of "climate change" studies.  With a total NASA budget of $18.5 billion, NASA has been ordered to spend $4.76 billion next year on exploring the planets, a huge increase from the current level of $4.36 billion.  What's special about this increase is that the Committee's budget is ordering NASA...(Read Full Post)