Hillary Clinton 'coqueteando' (flirting) with Hispanics

The Hillary Clinton campaign is now "coqueteando," or flirting, with Hispanics.  It must be part of a strategy to revive the Obama 2008 and 2012 voter turnout.  It is also another sign that this campaign wants to avoid the media or answer questions about the Clinton Foundation.

According to Alexis Simendinger, Hillary is courting Hispanics with another scripted meeting:

In Clinton’s narrative, immigration reforms are a key plank in her family-centered economic agenda, as well as evidence of her enthusiasm for Obama’s controversial interpretations of his executive authority in the absence of congressional action.

It's interesting, because she promises to use executive authority to accomplish her objectives.

There are a couple of problems with the latest Clintonian pandering.

First, a judge in Texas has already halted the latest executive order.  So is Hillary Clinton planning to challenge another federal court?

Second, why doesn't she tell these young people that the Constitution is the way to accomplish immigration goals?  In other words, let's work through Congress and pass a law.

Some Latino leaders are a bit skeptical:

"We want to make sure that she's not only saying the same things that Democrats have been saying for the past couple of years, which is just using the talking points that they support immigration reform," said Erika Andiola, co-founder of the Dream Action Coalition. "We want to know whether or not she would be willing to use her executive authority if Congress still doesn't pass legislation."

Well, I understand the skepticism of this so-called Latino leader.  The Democrats have been telling Hispanics what they've wanted to hear for some time.  They had 60 votes in the U.S. Senate under Obama, and large House majorities, and never did a darned thing to pass an immigration law.  So a little skepticism is in order.

At the same time, I am surprised that Miss Andiola does not understand how laws are made in the U.S.  Over here, we pass a bill, send it to the president, and then it become a law.

Whom is Hillary Clinton going to pander to next week? 

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