FTC cracks down on 'bogus charities' - no word yet on Clinton Foundation

The Federal Trade Commission (not the IRS division until recently headed by Lois Lerner) is accusing four cancer philanthropies of charity fraud and bilking donors out of $187 million.  The FTC is demanding restitution.  What is most interesting to me is the comparison to the Clinton Foundation.

First, the charges, via the Washington Post:

… the “overwhelming majority” of the money benefited only the charities’ organizers, their friends and fundraisers, according to the complaint from the FTC and the attorneys general of all 50 states. Less than 5 percent of the money went to gifts and financial assistance for patients, the complaint said.

Like flying the Clinton family around on private jets, and putting them up in luxury hotels, paying for Sidney Blumenthal to operate a rogue intelligence operation at the State Department (while also taking money from Media Matters), and spending only 10% on grants to organizations for actually doing anything, as opposed to sponsoring glitzy PR events showcasing the virtues of the Clinton family as Hillary prepares to run for the presidency?

It’s clear that the IRS is thoroughly and corruptly politicized.  So, FTC, how about subpoenaing some of the Clinton Foundation’s records?  After all, a well-recognized watchdog group found public disclosures so opaque that no rating could be issued.

And as for fraud, how about those poor donors who coughed up millions, and now the Clintons maintain that no favors were offered in return?

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