Enviro-crazies trying to get court to tear down the dam that supplies San Francisco's water

The drought (aka, the failure to build new water storage capacity while population doubled) that plagues California has not stopped the fundamentalists of the Green Religion from pursuing one of their most insane demands. They want to tear down the dam that stores the crystal clear Sierra Nevada water of the Tuolumne River and allow the Hetch Hetchy Valley to revert to its natural state, a process that would take many years, of course. I used to see “Restore Hetch Hetchy” bumper stickers fairly often in the past, but the soaring water bills and threats of ten thousand dollar fines for letting water run off from your lawn onto the sidewalk have made them scarce of late. But that hasn’t stopped the true believers who are suing in state court, hoping to enlist a judge in their lunatic cause and bypass democratic institutions so as to realize their spiritual aim. Alyssa Finley reports in the Wall Street Journal: Last month, a group of environmental activists...(Read Full Post)