Dem Senator: working hard to escape poverty 'not right'

Democrats from blue states have a tendency to let the mask slip. The idea that work should be related to standard of living seems wrong to some of them. Among them would seem to be Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, who recently posted this mind-bending tweet:

Keep in mind that a minimum wage job is one for people with minimum skills, the first step on the job ladder. In New Jersey, someone who learns to show up on time and gets a few basic skills can soon do better than minimum wage. Why anyone would think it is reasonable to believe you can raise two kids on minimum wage is beyond me. Having kids is serious responsibility, and before you undertake it, better be able to support them. Or else be prepared to work long hours.

And speaking of long hours, every single person I know who has achieved the kind of wealth that makes someone a target of the hated one percent has gotten there by working more than 50 hours a week.  Heck, I do that now. And so do most people who start a business or work in a demanding profession.

The notion that hard work is not necessary to escape poverty is what keeps people in poverty.


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