Contemptible leftist fallback as 3 black cops indicted, ruining the race narrative

The Left is in an awkward fix, what with having staked their protest over the (justified) death of Michael Brown in the proposition that a disproportionately white police force in Ferguson, Missouri was the problem. Now that 3 black and 3 white cops have been indicted by Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, that racial narrative is in ruins.

Most leftists are discreetly ignoring their previous commitment to integrating the cops as a solution. But some of them have gone into contemptible territory in an effort to explain away the contradiction. Among them, number one Joan Walsh, columnist (and former editor) of Salon, and an MSNBC contributor.

In a tweet, Walsh treats the black police officers indicted as helpless pawns of their white colleagues (despite the fact that blacks account for half of the BPD and its top command structure):


“And there is no debate that tragically, black police officers often absorb the attitudes of their colleagues.”

I guess that white police officers never absorb the attitudes of their black colleagues? Is that because blacks are somehow inferior? Oh, it must be “structural racism” or some other such abstract rationalization.

This is ugly infantilization of blacks as helpless pawns, denying them personhood.

The fact is, the Ferguson complaints were utter BS. Now that they have been proven false, the left is resorting to denying the intellectual autonomy of blacks. Real racism in the United States is found on the left far more than on the right.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop