CNN quickly cuts away from Japanese leader saying TPP will enable free flow of people

At his April 28 press conference with President Obama, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan confirmed that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the secret treaty he is negotiating with Obama, is designed to enable the free flow of people among the twelve participating countries (which include both Mexico and the United States).  You can watch this statement at the 47:06 mark.  He says (according to the simultaneous translation):

First of all on TPP, this is not something that we create out of consciousness about China. The economic growth of the region will be a positive and create opportunities for Japan, the United States, and the world. The TPP is such that to the eyes of many countries, it has to become a model.

It should be a model for China in that it's an ambitious attempt to create a new economic sphere in which people goods and money will flow freely within the Asia-Pacific region. ...

On these points we see completely eye-to-eye between President Obama and myself. 

Watch this humorous YouTube video from Redacted Tonight to see CNN suddenly cutting away before its viewers could hear these words:

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