Citadel of progressive higher education to cut hundreds of staff, including 70 faculty

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit calls it “the higher education bubble” – the inflation of salaries, administrative staff, physical plant, and perks in universities and colleges, all paid for by tuition hikes, parental sacrifice, and student debt, along with vast federal and state subsidies.  The bubble has been inflating for more than 60 years, as college education has been seen as the key to career success in life (and this worth any sacrifice).  But as Herbert Stein said, “anything that can’t go on forever, won’t.”  And now the bubble is starting to deflate.

WISC TV reports:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is preparing for potential state budget cuts with a plan to eliminate 434 positions, resulting in a total of 70 layoffs.

Of the 434 positions cut, 70 would be faculty, 108 would be academic staff and 66 would be graduate assistants, according to documents provided to News 3. No faculty would be laid off. The College of Letters and Science and Facilities Planning and Management would lose the most positions. The College of Letters and Science would lose 92 positions and Facilities Planning and Management would lose 56.

“The College of Letters and Sciences” translates into the pure academic part of the university, as opposed to the professional schools.  “Facilities planning” is growth-oriented, planning new buildings and remodeling old ones.  Both targets symbolize the heady days of calling anything an academic field and funding it, and growing around it.

Of course, big higher ed is one of the pillars of the American left, and so the left will counter-attack.  And they have the perfect villain to blame: Governor Scott Walker and the GOP legislature.

Madison, Wisconsin, home of the university and state capitol, can rightfully claim to be the ground zero for American progressivism, and the university has long been one of the shining lights of the left.  For progs, this is personal.

Hat tip: Lee Cary