Bill de Blasio: The Boring Progressive

I am so sick of de Blasio promoting his Progressive agenda.  The job of a politician is to pragmatically play among various ideologies and to satisfy the majority of his constituents rather than to dogmatically stick to his opinions.

De Blasio has been traveling around the country giving feeble, redundant Progressive speeches.  New Yorkers feel that he should stay home attending to New York’s problems rather than campaign for political-philosophical clichés.

In Washington, our resident of Gracie Mansion spoke about income inequality.  He spoke with another quasi-communist – Elizabeth (phony Indian)  Warren.

Hey, I earn a lot less than either one of them.  Yet I don’t feel I deserve income equality.  I used to be a businessman and earn millions of dollars.  I lost it all.  I didn’t feel that because I had been rich, I deserved to be rich again.  I am not a jealous person.

I now live modestly as a boxing coach.  If you asked me if I wanted to go back to the insurance industry and earn a fortune, I’d tell you no.  If income equality demands working a lot in a field that doesn’t stimulate you, then you can shove it.  I don’t want to be an accountant or an insurance man even if it would pay me bundles.

De Blasio promotes fiscal jealousy; Obama promotes divisive racism.  They both believe in divide and conquer.  However, they are conquering themselves and their constituents, us.

De Blasio instituted paid sick leave and universal kindergarten.  I don’t think you should get paid for being sick.  If you can’t afford a few days off, you haven’t managed your money correctly.  Universal kindergarten?  I don’t know.  I didn’t learn a thing in kindergarten.

Where do the handouts stop?  Maybe we should give people free cars, marijuana, and prostitutes?  Maybe we should breathe and eat for them?

De Blasio’s still pushing for a minimum wage of $15.  As if that wouldn’t turn around and bite us down the line.  I don’t want to pay ten dollars for a Big Mac or see inflation go through the roof just so de Blasio can pretend that he’s helped the poor with his $15-an-hour concession.  With inflation it washes out to be nothing.  Also, it does little to put the poor in dream coops.

Mr. de Blasio said an issue like mass incarceration is “exceedingly pertinent” to income inequality.  Crime is a lifestyle not necessarily driven by greed.  I knew a gangster who was part of the Whitey Bulger crew in Boston.  He told me that he got a football scholarship to college but chose instead to join the mob because it was more exciting.  He even told me that he’d rather be John Gotti than Paul McCartney.

Even the poor are not always motivated by money.  There’s glamour, style, and leading a proper life.

Give the income inequality a break.  It’s boring.

One of de Blasio’s simple-minded cohorts, Ms. Greenberg, ballyhooed gay marriage.  Gay marriage is an oxymoron, and the rephrasing of a negative.  De Blasio seems to be behind everything that is new, as if the continuity of the world were meaningless.

Marijuana doesn’t need to be decriminalized.  Alcohol is enough to get us high; we don’t need marijuana, too.  I had some bad trips on it when I was young and almost flipped out.

Now de Blasio wants to stop arresting drug dealers over 40.  He figures that concentrating on younger drug dealers would bring down the gun violence.  If he wants to bring down the shootings, which have been going up, why doesn’t he just reinstitute Stop & Frisk?

Oh, that’s right – that would hurt the feelings of the minority criminals who might get profiled.  Better to let drugs flow and people get shot.  Who cares if the murder rate has gone up?

De Blasio is a tone-deaf egotist.  He doesn’t hear that New Yorkers don’t approve of his selfie travels.

He moans again about affordable housing.  Hey, let some of these people move to cheaper places outside the city so that New York can become a classier place that attracts businesses, hotels, and posh condos.  We don’t need a leprous city like Mumbai.  We don’t need bums on every street corner and subway.

New York City is beautiful.  Why does de Blasio want to turn it into a slum?  As it goes downhill, the crime will only worsen.  The windows will all be broken.

Let de Blasio admit that progressivism is a failure.  Its goal is progress, but its results are chaos, destruction, and a depressed society.  Because “progressivism” has the word “progress” in it, it fools de Blasio and his followers.

De Blasio is impressed by his own borrowed rhetoric.  His progress is really regress into his shortsighted failures.