Are Hispanics really listening to what Hillary Clinton is saying?

This week, candidate Hillary Clinton told a bunch of Hispanic youngsters that she would go further than President Obama to pass some kind of immigration reform.   

Translation: I will say anything as long as you promise to vote for me.

We remember that she took a totally different position back in 2003:  "I’m “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

In reality, the Clinton campaign is putting the Obama administration in a tough spot. After all, didn't President Obama say that he was doing as much as the law would allow?

Beyond the politics and pandering, there is a serious matter than these Hispanic youngsters should consider.   

They should go home and ask their parents about the word "caudillo". It means a strongman, like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. It is the kind of leader who governs at will without regard for the law or constitution. Again, just ask Cubans or Venezuelans!

Mexican youngsters should ask their parents about "presidencialismo" or the kind of strong man that Mexico's one-party state produced for much of the 20th century. It was the kind of president who didn't respect Congress and contributed to the corruption and cynicism that prevails in Mexico. It was also the kind of political system that drove many of their parents north to look for a better life. After all, it's hard to attract foreign investment when "the rule of law" is whatever one man says it is!

Hillary Clinton is now promising to do immigration "the caudillo way" as Mickey Kaus wrote.     

She is no longer saying that we will work with the Congress to find a bipartisan solution to the very complicated problem of immigration.  

She is now promising to use "la pluma" (Spanish for pen) and do it like Chavez.

This is dangerous for two reasons:

1) Hillary Clinton has to know that she is just pandering; and,

2) She is showing no respect for our political system. How does she reconcile that with the oath that she may take on January 2017?
Are you listening Hispanics? Is this what you really want from an American president?   Isn't this kind of leader that your parents left behind when they came north to give you a chance at freedom and prosperity?

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