Young Muslims: 'The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization'

A Dutch research study on the radicalization of young Muslims discovers what it calls the “integration paradox.” It is not disaffected, impoverished young Muslims who are at greatest risk of turning radical and going to fight for ISIS. Rather, it is young Muslims from families that are comparatively affluent and well integrated into their host societies in Europe who have the highest proclivity to turn radical. (hat tip: Pamela Geller). The view that it is the impoverished that turn to Islam is based on a Marxian, materialist notion of the nature of man as exclusively an economic being. Marxists hate religion (“the opiate of the people”) and their influence in academia and elite culture is pervasive, so any consideration of the spiritual needs of people is dismissed, or usually not even on the radar screen. But even if intellectuals shun the spiritual dimension, young people trying to make their way in the world do have spiritual needs; they want to find...(Read Full Post)