What does Hillary's Logo remind you of?






1) The Red Army invading

2) Illegal aliens crossing the border

3) A hospital sign

4) The ship of state being torpedoed

5) A drug addict taking a heroin injection

6) Hillary throwing dishes at Bill after finding out other people knew about Monica Lewinsky.

What does the logo remind you of?

Thomas Lifson adds:

A friend, no fan of Hillary, commented,  “She's going for the Obama thing by creating an image, a brand so that no name is needed.  You see the logo and you know.”

There may be some merit to this, because the mind processes images more powerfully than words. My friend suggests that the GOP could learn from this approach, regardless of the cleverness or effectiveness of Hillary’s logo. Interesting to contemplate how a Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, or any other potential GOP candidate could come up with a vusual logo.

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